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  Essay writing is a skill which is acquired through years of experience and can be a real daunting task in the wake of a deadline which is due in a few days time. There are a million sites on the internet which help you write an essay. However, through our 8 years of experience in helping thousands of students with their essays and dissertation we have formulated the following process to help students in writing high quality essays:  
  Start Early : Many underestimate the value of time and leave things to be done at the last minute. Though the task can be completed, it still lacks the quality in terms of data collected, arguments laid down, conclusions, zero grammatical errors and citations; unless the essay writing is outsourced to a professional agency.  
  Research on Essay : An essay without any research or concrete data would be the last thing a student would want to do as his efforts are definitely going down the drain. Make use of resources, like academic journals, books, internet etc. Jot down points which you think will add value to the essay. These resources will be the most important factor in writing an essay.    
  Originality : An essay is basically an organized collection of views and thoughts put down by a student on topic given to him which is supported by some quality research. It is not an easy task to come up with original ideas in an instant, hence it is necessary to give yourself a buffer time and plan accordingly to come up with new ideas. Brainstorming would be an ideal method in order to extract and fine tune ideas.  
  Outline : Prepare a rough sketch/skeleton of what the essay should look like. Use one line sentences to highlight paragraphs and bullet points to describe the content in it. Focus on the paragraphs that you are going to emphasize your arguments on and map them out correctly.  
  Begin : With all the resources in front of you, start with the Introduction followed by the paragraphs and finally the conclusion. Do not underestimate the value of the introduction as it acts as a highlighter and grabs the reader’s attention. Use one line sentences to highlight paragraphs and bullet points to describe the content in it. Focus on the paragraphs that you are going to emphasize your arguments on and map them out correctly.  
  Edit : Thoroughly read the draft and make changes if necessary. Avoid grammatical and punctuation errors as it clearly highlights a student’s lack of commitment towards his work  
  Conclusion : End the essay with a personal touch by stating what you have learnt from the essay or by quoting a memorable thought that will leave a lasting impression on the reader.  
  References : Referencing formatting styles should be followed as per the standards laid down by the academic body. All borrowed ideas should be cited wherever necessary in order to avoid being a victim of plagiarism.  
  Final Draft/Submission :  
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